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The YukiYak Personal Goal Planner

The personalised Goal Planner is designed to help you focus and align your life with your values. The goal here is to align your actions with your goals, save time preparing your planner each day, and ultimately help you to achieve your goals.

Tell us your goals, and we’ll embed them within your own personalised goal planner.

The YukiYak Personal Goal Planner contains:

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The YukiYak Custom Goal Planner

Goal Setting Ladder

Template for your goal-setting, complete with goal-ladder and accountability partners.

Goal Tracker

Track progress towards your goals, celebrate your successes along the way.

Weekly Planner

Customised with your own goals/values, and habits to prompt you in each of the areas that matter to you

Daily Spread p1

Two page spread including gratitude, morning routine, exercise, and goals or values prompts. Finally prioritise the most (and least) important tasks for the day.

Daily Spread p2

Fit it all together by placing into your timeline for the day. Space for notes along the way, and prompts for an evening reflection to extract the lessons from the day.

Notes Pages

Notes pages available in lined, dot grid, grid or blank formats. Sometimes all you need is a blank page to capture your insights.

Ready to Create your own custom Goal Planner?

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