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Set your Goals

Set clear and vivid goals, and plan out the steps you will take to achieve them. YukiYak provides resources and partners to build awareness of your values and to set and refine your goals – wherever you are on your path. Create a clear vision, this becomes the basis of what you aim for each day.

Create your Perfect Planner

Struggling to find the planner that’s just right for you? Create your own with YukiYak, to guide you to where you want to go. A personalised planner that’s setup just the way you like it. Customise and pre-fill with your goals and habits. 5minutes spent upfront will save you time planning and journaling every day.

Achieve your Goals

Your planner prompts you towards your goals each day. Every 90 days, take the opportunity to step back and review your goals. Reset your planner, and then carry on your way re-energised to reach your highest goals. Enjoy the feeling of living each day in alignment with your goals. Your personalised YukiYak Planner will be there to keep you on track each day.

Reach your highest goals.

Stay aligned with what matters most to you,
Work towards your goals with a YukiYak Planner.

How the design process works

The YukiYak planner helps you to clarify your vision, and ultimately to achieve that vision. Save time planning and journaling – never find yourself staring at a blank page, set yourself up for success every day.

Each planner covers 90-days, prompting you to periodically tweak and adjust your goals and habits as life changes along the way.

The YukiYak Personal Planner is a bound A5 folio that contains:

  • 14x Weekly Planner pages, embedded with your values/goals and habits
  • 90x Daily Planner template, embedded with your values/goals and habits
  • 4x Monthly planner pages
  • 4x Goal setting pages
  • 10x dot-grid pages for notes or sketches
  • Wire-bound A5, lay-flat pages (folio cover is not included at this stage)
  • 2xRibbons to keep your place

If you want to build your own custom planner – simply take 5 minutes to complete the survey and the YukiYak team will take care of the rest. We’re here to help you reach your highest goals.

The steps to get your very own YukiYak Planner are as follows:
1 – Complete the 5 minute survey
2 – Submit $59AUD payment at the end of the survey.
3 – We’ll then send you the physical planner by mail (Typically arrives within 5-10 days).

See our YukiYak Personal Planner Page for more details.

About Us

What is YukiYak?

Yuki: Summit/ Snowy Peak (japanese)
Yak: A persistent creature that strives through adversity, helping others to achieve their goals.

We at YukiYak thrive on helping you reach your highest goals. The idea came from juggling a busy professional and personal life, where I found myself making my own pre-filled planners to save time on my planning and journaling. I found it not only saved time (the original goal), but it really focused my thoughts at the start of each day. I quickly found it magnifying the impact of each and every day, and haven’t looked back since.

I have built these planner templates from both my personal experience journaling as a student, a medical device engineer and more recently, in my studies towards an MBA. This experience has helped to refine both my thinking and these templates. See more about the process here.

I look forward to helping you create your own YukiYak planner, and hope this system provides you with the framework you need to set your course, and stay on track to reach your highest goals.

Brett Anderson – Creative Director

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Special Requests

Want to ask for something special? The best way to contact us is by email. For special journal requests, including academic or corporate planners, send an email to: customjournal@yukiyak.com

Alternatively, you can find us on Instagram